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A hands-on design leader with a specialty in systems thinking which I have used to transform network administration, telecom, e-commerce, jewelry manufacturing, costume fabrication for celebrities, and much more. My next career chapter will be focused on solving the climate crisis.

My principles as...

Nudge gently towards the "deep end"

To help people grow, place them in situations that are just beyond their current capabilities. If their toes can just barely touch the bottom of the proverbial pool, they’re in the right place.

a designer
Spend most of your time clarifying the problem

The most effective solutions are those that come from an obsessive focus on why something must be done in the first place. As you clarify this understanding, the solution will often present itself.

a craftsman
Keep sharpening the proverbial blade

Learning should be a practice, something we make a part of our routine. This is not to simply stay current but to find new ways to enjoy what you do.

What's motivating me now

In 2018, I took a year to travel the world. Along the way, I noticed systemic failures that were degrading the quality of our planet's ecosystems. For example, when learning to surf in Bali, the water was strewn with trash and packaging labels. Trash disposal in S.E. Asia was largely unavailable to rural residents so they often simply burned it. This crisis is in desperate need of attention and I'm ready to pitch in.

Where I've been (so far)

Feb 2013


EPAM Empathy Lab

Fresh out of grad school, my UX journey began as an agency consultant helping to design websites for clients in various industry verticals including E-Commerce, Healthcare, Education, and Information Science. Lots of boxes and arrows, site maps, and annotation documents.
Feb 2016


EPAM Systems

At this point I'm serving as the primary designer on projects for major brands such as MTV, Thomson Reuters, The Navy, and The American Red Cross. I also spearheaded the creation of a modular design system that was used for all company online properties.
Nov 2016


Xfinity Mobile

I joined an in-house team preparing to launch a major mobile service brand. Here I helped conduct user research & testing, developed strategic direction, and designed numerous website and native app experiences. I then stayed on for support after the brand launch.
Jan 2018


Asia, Europe, Africa

I decided to spend my 40th year in this life traveling the world. I got to 11 countries on 3 continents, rode over 3,500 miles by motorcycle, read 16 books, learned to surf, collected 21 recipes, and gained a better understanding of how other cultures live. I also observed pervasive effects of climate change, sparking an interest to better understand this systemic issue.
Apr 2019


Comcast Business

Strategy, design, and delivery of product features for security and connectivity portal experiences across responsive web and native mobile app platforms. Managed team of 3+ designers supporting multiple work streams. Formalized research as part of team's design process, implemented UserTesting.
Jun 2021


Comcast Business

Manage team of 4+ designers and researchers supporting digital product portals used by 1000+ mid-market Comcast Business customers. Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including Product, Engineering, and Customer Support. Worked with A11y team to ensure product accessibility. Created Customer Advisory Panel to better align product development to customer needs.
What's next?
I'm looking to apply my 9+ years of design experience towards an issue that I can no longer ignore: the climate crisis. There's lots of hard work ahead but there's also a lot of exciting technology being developed to address this existential threat and I'm ready help make that technology a part of the solution.

Interested in working together?

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